Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In the garden.

A lot has happened in my garden this week. Carrot seeds that were scattered a few weeks ago are beginning to sprout. Radishes planted from seed are performing far better in the garden bed than they did in the pots. My chickens had a day roaming free in the garden when I accidentally left their gate ajar. They completely wiped out what remained in my herb garden (fortunately I had moved a lot of the herbs into pots in preparation for summer), so this wasn't too heart breaking. However, they also went to town on a pot of nasturtiums I had grown from seed; eating every single leaf off of every small plant. Now all I have left are a bunch of stems. I am really hoping the plants recover as the seeds were not cheap.

My broccoli has almost finished, with the final few side shoots ready for picking. My cauliflower is still all leaves. I peeped deep down into the one that receives the most sunshine and gently, peeling back a few layers of leaves, I found a tiny white flower head no bigger than my thumb. Yes!

The lavender has come into bloom and the bees are flocking to sample the nectar. Orange carrot tops are peaking through the soil, flowers have appeared on the broad beans, and a wall of pea-green stems and white flowers line my veggie patch. It would seem that the winter harvest has not yet finished in this little plot of earth!

Sam xox