Sunday, October 2, 2011


It's Spring. The weather is beginning to warm. Daylight savings time has commenced. What better time to start something I have been wanting to for some time?

I am beginning an online journal to record my gardening education. 'Education' because I know I am no where near close to knowing half of what I should about vegetable gardens, organic gardening, and sustainable living.

I have always wanted a garden to potter in. For years my husband and I shared a tiny flat in Sydney. The balcony was big for Sydney standards. I was able to keep a large number of pots, most of which I tried (and often failed) to grow vegetables and herbs in.

By good fortune we had the chance to take a 'sea change' earlier this year, and we are now living on the northern coast, close to the beach, and with a beautiful sized yard for me to potter in to my hearts content.

This blog will be my space to keep a record of my gardening, share the things I learn along the way, share new ideas, photos, and hopefully meet like-minded people from all across the globe.

Sam xox