Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Green Harvest package arrives.

Arriving home from work today I found a large package waiting for me at my doorstep. "Green Harvest". My seeds! I had only placed the order 48 hours prior. Speedy service!

Here are my goodies...

Included in the package were some Green Harvest resource guides. I ordered a few extra to give to fellow vegetable growing enthusiasts!

I also ordered some of their trade mark Clucker Tucker. This is a mixture of 13 different types of seeds (including bok choy, clover, silverbeet and millet). I am going to plant out the seeds in seed trays and once they have sprouted to a decent length, put the tray into the coop and let the chooks eat it all up. I will plant a tray every week so that I will have a continuous cycle of Clucker Tucker. Once one tray is eaten it will be planted out again. The package advises that 1g - 2g of seeds will cover one seed tray. So 250g should last me a fair while.

I bought a wide variety of seeds. I ensured that I purchased seeds that were heirloom varieties and organically certified where possible.

And I even invested in Jackie French's "Guide to Companion Planting". It came with three packets of seeds: Good Bug Mix (perfect for growing flowers that attract the good bugs to your garden), Mustard 'Reg Giant', and Nasturtium 'Jewel Mix'.

Sophie was gobsmacked by the value I got for my money.

If you're interested, here is the list of seeds I purchased:
* Bean Bush - Italian Romano
* Bean Climbing - Northeaster (organic)
* Bean Bush - Royal Burgundy (organic)
* Capsicum California Wonder (organic)
* Carrot colour mix (organic)
* Cucumber Spacemaster Bush
* Eggplant Little Finger (organic)
* Eggplant Casper
* Radish Watermelon
* Silverbeet Fordhook Giant (organic)
* Tomato Cherry Red Pear (organic)
* Tomato Green Zebra (organic)
* Tomato Rouge de Marmande (organic)
* Zucchini Costa Romanesque

Sam xox