Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Green Harvest package arrives.

Arriving home from work today I found a large package waiting for me at my doorstep. "Green Harvest". My seeds! I had only placed the order 48 hours prior. Speedy service!

Here are my goodies...

Included in the package were some Green Harvest resource guides. I ordered a few extra to give to fellow vegetable growing enthusiasts!

I also ordered some of their trade mark Clucker Tucker. This is a mixture of 13 different types of seeds (including bok choy, clover, silverbeet and millet). I am going to plant out the seeds in seed trays and once they have sprouted to a decent length, put the tray into the coop and let the chooks eat it all up. I will plant a tray every week so that I will have a continuous cycle of Clucker Tucker. Once one tray is eaten it will be planted out again. The package advises that 1g - 2g of seeds will cover one seed tray. So 250g should last me a fair while.

I bought a wide variety of seeds. I ensured that I purchased seeds that were heirloom varieties and organically certified where possible.

And I even invested in Jackie French's "Guide to Companion Planting". It came with three packets of seeds: Good Bug Mix (perfect for growing flowers that attract the good bugs to your garden), Mustard 'Reg Giant', and Nasturtium 'Jewel Mix'.

Sophie was gobsmacked by the value I got for my money.

If you're interested, here is the list of seeds I purchased:
* Bean Bush - Italian Romano
* Bean Climbing - Northeaster (organic)
* Bean Bush - Royal Burgundy (organic)
* Capsicum California Wonder (organic)
* Carrot colour mix (organic)
* Cucumber Spacemaster Bush
* Eggplant Little Finger (organic)
* Eggplant Casper
* Radish Watermelon
* Silverbeet Fordhook Giant (organic)
* Tomato Cherry Red Pear (organic)
* Tomato Green Zebra (organic)
* Tomato Rouge de Marmande (organic)
* Zucchini Costa Romanesque

Sam xox


  1. Told you they were quick!
    I made some 'cages" for my clucker tucker and it constantly grows in the chook run. The gerls just nibble the leaves as they grow up towards the top of the cages and so the plants just keep on keeping on. I haven't touched it for about a year but it's all still growing.

    1. You were right! Thanks for the tip about the cage, I will actually give that a try. I have a pile of spare chicken wire bits left over from some designs I made to hold my climbing beans last summer, I think they will be perfect! I find that I just don't have enough scraps from the kitchen to give them something fresh every day. I am hoping the clucker tucker will help with this. Can you advise me how many weeks it takes for the plants to get to a reasonable, edible size? Thanks again for the tip, Green Harvest are great!

  2. It is such a delight to receive a package in the post, you look so happy with your booty!
    So much nicer than those icky "window" envelopes.....