Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Around my veggie patch.

Last post illustrated the state the veggie patch was in when I began. 

It has now been over two months and a lot has changed. I decided to lay a path along the centre of the main garden bed, to allow for easier access to the veggie patch. I used sleepers and had them cut to size at the hardware store. I dug them into a trench to keep them upright. I have laid a bed of mulch along the path, which not only looks pretty but after decomposing, will provide mulch to the garden beds.

This photo shows the garden as it is today. The veggie patch from the angle below is running north/south orientation, receiving sunlight for most of the day. The chicken coop (more on that another time) is built next to it, and somehow one of my chickens managed to get into the veggie patch today (after much searching a hole was discovered, then quickly boarded up!). Needless to say, my cos lettuce is no more...

My strawberries have not been a great success so far. Most of them have gone rotten before they became ripe. I have laid straw under them but this doesn't seem to have made any difference.

Next to the veggie patch I have a group of terracota pots. In these I have some herbs, spinach (for the chickens) and more strawberries.


I have made vertical cylinder climbing frames for my beans and cucumbers out of left over wire. The beans are growing brilliantly. I planted a large number of cucumber seeds with the idea that only half were likely to sprout. They all sprouted! So now I will have the thin them out, and give some away to my colleagues.

I never realised how thirsty tomato plants are!?! I am having to keep the water up to these plants at least once a day. Their fruit is looking amazing though, I can't wait to see these ripen. I will be making a huge batch of tomato relish!

Ok, I'm off now to lock my chickens up for the night.

Sam xox

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