Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In the garden.

~ Strawberry pot ~

~ Garlic ~

~ Thriving potato plants ~

~ Spinach ready for picking ~

~ Can you believe I am still weeding out tomato seedlings,
from last summer! ~

~ Home sown seedling planted out ~

~ Cambridge getting a hang of this 'free ranging' business a lot quicker than Oxford (the pen was wide open just to the left) ~

The weekend saw me attend to a few outdoor tasks. The duck pond called for my attention as Cambridge and Oxford appear to have had a field day over the past week, throwing all sorts of junk into the water and generally making a mess of it. They watched me curiously as I removed the brown water one bucket at a time. The noise of the hose filling the pond back up drew them closer, and as soon as I had finished and turned to walk away they were back swimming and diving for whatever I had managed to stir up at the bottom (I really prefer not to know!).

Sam xox

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