Thursday, August 30, 2012

The wool issue.

I never buy Country Style magazine (Australia), but when I spotted the cover of the latest issue, I just couldn't help myself. Look at that cute little lamb! In a living room! And the large knitted chair cover? Gorgeous. I was sold.

Silly me though didn't take the time to actually look inside the cover. You know the old saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover?" This magazine was really disappointing. For a country like Australia that has such a strong history of wool growing, it was sad to see it shrunk into a couple of really short articles, pages of expensive fashion modelled at a wool farm, no actual patterns for how to make any of the items features, and worse of all, that lamb was SUPERIMPOSED on the cover!!! Oh the shame!

Ok, now that's off my chest, how about I share with you some REAL wool images - no superimposed lambs here...

This is the leftover scraps of the Merino wool I had been spinning up. One of my bobbins ran out far quicker than the other while I was plying, and as I only have three bobbins, I was forced to unravel the remaining bobbin. This is what resulted.

I will definitely keep this little pile of twists, as I am sure they can become a quirky feature in a future woollen project.

This here is my second blended Merino tops that I bought from Feltfine. This one is called Bumble Bee and is a combination of Merino raven and jonquil, blended with black diamond bamboo and natural soy bean. It is this method of blending that creates the gorgeous bumble bee effect.

I bought 600g of this tops with the hope that there will be enough to knit a sleeveless button up vest with.

And I have saved the best until last. This was NOT on my shopping list when I arrived at Feltfine, but after Gary showed it to me and allowed me to handle it, I was sold! This beautiful bundle is multi-dyed mulberry silk tops.

Isn't it all just glorious?

Anyone tempted to learn to spin now?

Sam xox


  1. those colours are just gorgeous!! i don't knit, only crochet but love the idea of spinning wool. it seems like quite a therapeutic thing to do :)

    1. It really is therapeutic. Spinning is similar to swimming for me. You can't let your mind wander too long or you'll make a mistake. It is the kind of craft I like. It keeps your mind gently focused. xox