Monday, August 27, 2012

Visiting Feltfine.

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting a lovely gentleman named Gary at his Hunter Valley Alpaca farm! He is the proud owner and operator of the online store Feltfine. Gary supplies spinners, weavers and knitters with a variety of the best quality products. In the virtual store you can purchase fleeces, tops, fibre, and yarns in a wide variety of colours. Feltfine ships internationally so anyone can shop there.

After having spent weeks spinning up pure white Merino wool, I needed to add some colour to my spinning repertoire. I had browsed a number of online for Australian-based fleece suppliers before I came acros Feltfine. When I clicked through to the online store, what immediately jumped out to me was the huge range in the competitive pricing. The prices per 100 grams were a lot cheaper than other online suppliers I had checked out. I was also impressed by the wide variety of products that were available. My favourite with out a doubt was the blended Merino tops - oh the colours! A few emails were sent back and forth, and I was invited by Gary to collect my order in person, as I work only 20 minutes from his farm.

Gary's farm could have come straight from a Hunter Valley postcard...

As I drove along the driveway up towards the property the Alpaca's followed alongside my car...

Gary was waiting as I arrived and made me feel most welcome. He showed me his whole range of products. I got to view a rainbow of fibres stacked floor to ceiling, a wide variety of Alpaca yarns, and even an industrial-sized picker and carder! Gary is an enthusiastic spinner and was able to give me advise about all the different fibres he stocks. I got to handle Merino, Alpaca, mohair, and even silk (so so soft!). We chatted for a while and then it was time to go...

I have been spinning up a storm and will reveal all later this week...

On a side note, I purchased this basket from my local organic store. It is handmade by women in Africa, endorsed by the Fair Trade Federation, with the proceeds going back to their communities. I have found some similar baskets online that are available here if you would like your own. As you can see I use mine to store my spinning stash!

Sam xox

I am in no way affiliated with Feltfine. Opinions expressed in this post are purely my own personal ones, and I am in no way benefiting from this post. I only want to share my Feltfine shopping experience!


  1. Sam, I just got a basket exactly like yours, as a birthday present from Matt! I have wanted one for ages, and am completely in love with it. It's practical but also beautiful and strong. I love the heft of it and the softness of the leather on the handle. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine!

    1. Coincidence! I completely agree with you, it is just darling to carry around. It would make the perfect basket for collecting home grow produce - do you use yours for this purpose? xox

  2. Great find!
    Makes me want to take up spinning.

    1. Well if you ever want to learn I am really happy to teach you :-)