Saturday, September 22, 2012

Visit to Feltfine part 1: Alpacas.

Over the past few months a friendship has been blossoming between the author of Little Green Village and I. We live in the same region and share very similar interests. I first mentioned my meeting with her back in July. Since then we have met for lunches, swapped our home grown produce, and shared our best gardening tips.

After discovering she was a keen knitter, I just knew the next time I was to visit Gary from Feltfine at his Alpaca farm, I had to invite her to come along!

~ We loved how this ones hair waved in the breeze ~ 


~ Alpaca fleece is incredibly soft and comes in so many natural colours and shades ~ 

 ~ Baby Alpacas ~

We had such a brilliant day!

Gary and Kristen were both incredibly welcoming, allowing us to rummage through their huge supplies shed for nearly two hours! More about that tomorrow...

Sam xox

P.S I checked those duck eggs and yes, there are still babies inside (I can see them wiggling), but they are still not hatching. Maybe it is just too comfortable in there?

I am not associated with Feltfine, nor have I received any benefit from mentioning them.  I paid for all the products myself. I just want to spread the word when we find great local businesses amongst like minded souls!

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