Monday, October 1, 2012

6 days old.

I cannot believe how quickly these little charmers are growing! At only 6 days of age they appear to have doubled in size. They have already eaten through an entire bag of starter feed, and are beginning to also forage around the yard for extra treats. Their activity levels are increasing by the day as they venture further and further from the safety of their nest. Cambridge doesn't let them out of her sight.

We have sold seven ducklings so far, leaving only two left to sell. We have decided to keep four for ourselves (Jamie is such a softy when it comes to animals)! I listed the ducklings on Gumtree and was surprised to have a lot of interest. While most of the calls were sincere, I did have a few inappropriate calls, one even describing to me how "if it turns out they are not suitable, I can always eat them. Duck is so nice to eat". Omg?!? Needless to say I told him "no".

The sold duckings have all gone to good homes. Four went with a family who have a 10 acre farm. The children were so excited to be getting some ducks, I could tell they would be well loved. The other three each went to new homes alone, but will also be well loved. Their new owners all had the correct set up to raise them sans mother.

We did have one sad experience this week with "nature taking its course", but I will go into that latter in the week.

Sam xox

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