Thursday, October 11, 2012


I am so excited right now! I have just harvested my first lot of home grown garlic!

These bulbs began as single cloves planted out about 6 months ago, from two organic Australian garlic bulb.

Twenty-five cloves has now yielded twenty-five of the most magnificent smelling, purple stained bulbs.

Now, to let them dry out. And then to plait.

Honestly, these were the easiest to grow, and you don't need any special seeds. Simply buy the healthiest looking Australian organic garlic you can find, separate the bulb into its individual cloves (don't peal them), then plant each one 'bottom' end down into your soil. Note: This will not work for imported garlics that have been heavily sprayed, or those nasty little white bulbs that have been bleached.

Sam xox

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