Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New digs.

The 'girls' have gone through a few changes over recent weeks. Since we decided to keep two ducklings for ourselves (!), we realised it was unlikely our small backyard farm could play host to 8 birds. We sold our final ducklings to a woman named Jess who lives in the street behind us. When she came to collect them my husband off-handedly said we were thinking about getting rid of a few chickens (I believe his words were "everyone is keeping chickens these days, ducks are the new black!"'). Anyway, Jess got back to us the next night saying a colleague of hers named Dan, who lives four streets from us, had just finished building a chicken coop, and would love to take our chickens if we wanted to get rid of them.

We decided to part ways with Coco and Audrey. Coco had been breaking out of the pen and eating our seedlings, even when I had the fences 6 foot high (and yes I had clipped her wings). A new coop with a roof was far more appropriate for her. Audrey went too so Coco wouldn't be lonely. Dan came with his two young daughters two weeks ago to pick up the chooks. The children were so sweet and excited to have such beautiful birds. And because we knew they were going to a good home we gave them to him for free.

This left us with Liberty (Isa Brown) and Lady Sussex (Light Sussex) to provide us with eggs. To be honest, getting four eggs a day was beyond what we as a couple could keep up with, so we were giving most of our eggs away. Jamie and I then spent an afternoon setting up the coop so the run was suitable for two chickens in size, keeping them separate from the Indian Runner ducks.

And for those of you who might be wondering about how Coco and Audrey are getting on, they are living the good life on a street next to the beach!

Sam xox

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