Thursday, November 29, 2012

This pot is boiling now.

So it turns out I was wrong. A watched pot really does boil. Just add duck pond water weekly and things really start to thrive...

 ~ A view north ~

 ~ Cucumber I am training along the wire fence ~

 ~ Oregano, curry, sage and rosemary ~

 ~ I sense a glut of beans coming on ~

 ~ Beyond the garden gate ~

 ~ Thai chilli plant ~

 ~ The MOST amazing beans ever ~

 ~ A bean plant at least 8 feet tall ~

 ~ Cucumber ~

  Beans, cucumber, spinach and tomato ~

 ~ Roma tomatoes ~

 ~ Black Russian tomatoes ~

 ~ The entry way ~

 ~ Beans climbing a vine support ~

  ~ Spinach ~

Sam xox


  1. Replies
    1. Haha I was a little worried they were a bit gratuitous!!! So nice to hear someone is enjoying them. I know I love sticky beaking around other peoples gardens ;-)

  2. Wow, your garden really is thriving. I'm so envious! You have skills, and i'd love if you shared any with me!

    (I love these picture posts too)

    1. Aw thanks mate, but I really have a hand's off approach in terms of maintaining the garden. I just make sure the soil is good quality (compost) and water weekly with fertiliser. Then only when I notice bad disease of something eating the plant, do I intervene :-) Just water with fertiliser and I promise within a week you will see a difference in your plants! xox

  3. I'm also loving the pictures Sam. And that garden is AMAZING. I really think I've been too slack with the liquid fertiliser. Perhaps I really do need to get some ducks and a pond with a pump. A question: have you grown most things from seed? How much was started in the green house and how much planted direct?

    1. I would totally recommend ducks. Their dirty pond water is all that has been keeping my garden alive! Most of the plants I have grown from seed. I'll do a post answering both questions properly :-) xox