Saturday, December 29, 2012

The second hatching.

Cambridge is a mother again to 11 tiny bundles of golden brown fuzz. She hatched her babies in the strangest of places, right up in the back corner of our yard, against the right angle of the corrugated iron fence. We only had two eggs that didn't hatch, and all ducklings are fit and healthy. We plan to sell them* / give them away... if you're in Newcastle and want a duckling or two let me know ;-)

Sam xox

* Sorry they are unable to be posted Reana Louise :-)


  1. Just beautiful, what a pretty colour mum is and her babes are perfect.

  2. Haha, you read my mind! Every time I see your little fluff balls my heart skips. Also, fabulous handmade recap: what a productive year you've had! xx

  3. How wonderful. I've been seriously thinking about keeping ducks. What sort are yours? (obviously I'm a complete waterfowl novice)

    1. My ducks are Indian Runner ducks. There is a lot of positive things to be said for this bread. From my experience they are an exceptional pet. Gentle in nature and easy to care for. All they need is somewhere to paddle (a plastic shell pool from Bunnings for $15 does the trick!). I use their dirty pond water on my vegetable garden and it is the best fertiliser I have ever used. Indian Runner ducks are also great because they naturally don't fly, so no need to clip their wings. And if you keep females you will be able to collect lots of yummy eggs (usually 5 per week).