Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Around the garden.

A lot has changed in my garden these past few weeks. The winter crops are all but finished, with the last cauliflower being pulled from the soil and only the broad beans remain of the winter just past. The potatoes I planted a few weeks ago have sprouted and grown at least a foot in height. Their beds have mulched with shredded sugar cane and this appears to be helping the soil retain some moisture.

In the bed next to the potatoes I had planted a zucchini in the centre, surrounded by lettuce, then surrounded these with a border of rocket. The idea is that by the time the zucchini will be big enough to fill the space, the lettuce will have been long since harvested. There really is nothing like the taste of freshly picked rocket...

As the sunlight lingers a little longer each day, I am beginning to notice the growth rates of my crops accelerate. Sunlight, combined with good organic fertiliser and regular watering, will ensure that my Spring crop gets off to a promising start.

Sam xox

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  1. Hi, Sam. My cauliflower are off to a sad winter start. The ones that have survived their transplant to the garden are doing well and the bugs got the others. But, I have more ready to transplant in to fill the blanks. What is rocket? Hope you are well. Lane