Thursday, October 18, 2012

Garlic braids.

Once you have dried your home grown garlic, it can be kept for many months before it needs to be used. A great way to store your garlic bulbs is to braid them together once they have dried. This is an easy meathod of securing them together, and does indeed make a pretty kitchen accessory (though you might wish to store them in a dark cool place so they last a little longer). Then simply snap off a bulb from your braid as you need it.

I had seen garlic stored this way before, and knew I just have to give garlic braiding a try myself once I had my first harvest. I laid the dried garlic out and took three to begin with and secured them together using freshly picked onion leaf. I braiding the three a few times, then incorporating new garlic in as the braid grew longer. Once I reached the end I secured it again with a freshly picked onion leaf, and hung the braid up to dry some more.

And I even kept a few loose bulbs to keep in my kitchen now...

Like I said in my first garlic post, I found it was really easy to grow. I can't see why garlic wouldn't grow even in pots, as it really didn't need a huge amount of space or special treatment. Again, if you are going to plant it, make sure to choose locally grown organic garlic as it will not have been sprayed with chemicals.

Sam xox

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  1. It looks great. I want to try growing it next year - maybe post when you plant your next lot so I know when to think about planting it ;)